Second Trip to Nouveaux

Decided on another visit to this gorgeous sim. All but one of the items (the hair) featured in today’s post were created by the designers of Nouveaux. If you follow my blog you may have seen me reblog an entry about the dress. It was love at first sight.

I am also wearing several items from the Nouveaux mini-hunt (info here). It sounds like a few more prizes might become available soon, so that’s exciting. There is a skirt and bow that can be obtained from the treasure chests as well but they didn’t match today’s outfit. Instead I’ll feature them in future posts.

Pose (on first photo): Pipit (hunt prize)
Dress and socks: The Horror (group gift and hunt prize, respectively)
Squid: Pixicat (the one you’ll find in the hunt is larger than my guy – I resized him to fit on my head)
Choker: Little Pink Tia (marketplace gift)



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