Standing by the Sea

Recently my friend showed me his new land. It has huge beach space and a view to the horizon. It made the perfect setting for today’s look. I’m wearing a dress from Rhuude called Lumierre (in the “Oh Deer” pattern) which is paired with a black Tied Up Belt. The dress works well for the season and could be worn casually when hanging out with friends or as a laid-back party dress. I love that versatility. The branching/antlered heart pattern is adorable but also a bit edgy too. My hair is from Truth (as usual) and the necklace is a group gift from Lazuri.

P.S. Make sure to check out the 25L gacha machines at Rhuude. There are cute ruffled panties available and matching bras are coming soon! I’ll blog a set once the bras become available!


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