Face Before and After

Last week I started taking modeling classes at Fashion/Modeling University sponsored by JCNY. This week is all about making shapes for modeling. Today we had a one on one consultation with a professor specifically focusing on the face and profile. Making a good avatar face profile is not something I honestly ever thought about so it needed a lot of tweaking. My cheek bones were set at 100 so by the end of class everyone was calling me “Miss Cheeks.”

I’ve always made my own shapes but haven’t changed the face in probably almost two years, although I can’t believe it’s been that long. Right now the body is not super model-esque, especially because I turned down the height. We’ll see what the professors have to say about that in a few days.

Edited to add: The shape on the right (“after”) is actually what the professor chose for me. I did not really take part in it’s creation except to use the numbers she told me. The numbers were chosen by her specifically to suit my skin and the modeling industry.



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