Gray Winter’s Gown

This is the outfit I wore last night to a winter ball put on by Builder’s Brewery where I take a lot of classes. The dark color and silver/white details of the gown give it a pre-Christmas feel and is nice for the holidays without being too red-white-green matchy matchy. The gown was a dollarbie on marketplace by Passion4Fashion. The picture doesn’t do it justice – the details and textures are divine. The back of the gown is also gorgeous. On my finger tips I have red nail polish available free at the Bare Rose dressing room.

The hair is a Lelutka holiday gift available at their hair store and comes in several colors. The tiara is part if it. While you’re there it’s worth picking up their group gift which is a long wavy hair. The necklace is from a set that I wore in a previous photo.



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